“Alan helped me to be a healthier mom to a son who had his own challenges.”
Maria D.S.

“Alan truly understands the challenges that men face in dealing with addiction. He uses a positive approach that makes the therapy process transparent and, I daresay, interesting. More than other counselors, Alan begins from the assumption that we want to quit, but that we need the tools to do so. Then he brings the tools.”
Steve M.

“Alan came into my life at a difficult time, when my whole life crashed and I wound up on welfare. Alan was patient, listened to me and gave me the space to be in my worst moments. In time, I began to recover and I was eventually able to get my life back on track and get off assistance. Alan made a huge difference at a time when I felt quite lonely and alone, much of the time. I highly recommend his approach.”
Nathan S.

“I struggled silently with addictions for many years – to drugs and alcohol mostly – but was unable to see the source of and solution to these issues on my own. On the outside, I held a job and had friends but I was spinning my wheels and just got in deeper, feeling lost to my “true” self. I finally got up the courage to seek help and found Alan. While it hasn’t been easy, with Alan’s help I have discovered inner strengths, compassion for myself, and have started on the road to recovery.”
Alex N.